Digital Infrastructure for Smart Water Management

Cultive is holistic water management technology that is made with farmers, and for farmers, in the face of changing weather conditions.

Our durable sensors and data analytics platform allow farmers to gather insights on how soil and weather conditions are affecting on-field conditions, as well as their crops. Through informed decision-making, we aim to empower farmers and move towards a sustainable future.

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Better farming for

a sustainable future

Join us on our journey to help farmers adapt to changing weather conditions and improve their water management and sustainability practices.

Cultive enables holistic

water management on farms

See how farmers can benefit from our combined sensor-network and data analytics solution.

Reliable and robust on-field sensors.

Our sensors are easy-to-install, designed with farmers’ on-field actions in mind, and engineered to withstand external conditions.


Easy to interpret data on farm activity

Field information, irrigation forecasts and concise weather information that can augment farmers’ decision-making when it comes to irrigation.

Field Mapping

By layering crop, soil and water information on top of a farm map, this would communicate in an intuitive way how conditions are dynamically changing on the field. This leverages abundant information available online, such as soil type and weather conditions.


We know farmers often make decisions regarding on-field activities in 4-day to 1-week windows. By providing past data on a graph, projecting future scenarios on the same graph allows farmers to easily interpret the potential outcomes of their actions. Providing a wealth of data allows trust to be built between Cultive’s sensor readings and the customer.

Weather Forecasting

Weather data is summarised within easily-understood ‘card’ views containing daily summarised numbers. This can be expanded into detailed hourly views, giving farmers a flexible amount of information to take in.

Data that

helps farmers meet their goals

By speaking to farmers we understand the risks when it comes to dealing with water management and weather. Our solutions aims to allow farmers to stay informed with their fields and crops, bringing about crucial operational improvements.

Mitigated harvest risk
Increased crop yield
Increased crop quality
Lower water bills
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